Geriatric Pilots Association
Rochester, New York

Short biographies of members present and past

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Not all members are represented in this document but there is a significant amount of history contained in these short bio's of roughly 100 people. Please forgive any errors in the document that may have crept in through the process of doing OCR on a somewhat poor quality original and the webmaster's attempts to clean it up.

Members: Please help correct any errors or omissions by contacting the webmaster Bill Hughes via email or at 315-524-7802. Additions are welcome as well.

WWII B17 Survival Story - "All American"

This is an account of a B17 damaged by an out of control German fighter crashing into the the rear of the fuselage and it's return to England with no injuries. Yes, they delivered their bomb load over target after the damage was done.

WW II B17 Survival - will open the document in a new window

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