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To help some readers a decoder for some of the acronyms used is provided.
AF - Air Force
AAF - Army Air Force
CPTP - Civilian Pilot Training Program introduced in 1938-1944 throughout the U.S.
DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross
DCI - believed to be “Data Communications Interrogation”
MOAA - Military Officers Association of America
NAS - Naval Air Station
OLC - Oak Leaf Cluster
PUC - Presidential Unit Citation
TROA - An independent, nonprofit organization, TROA is operated exclusively to benefit members of the uniformed services - officer and enlisted, active duty and retired, National Guard and Reserve - and their families and survivors.


A-E    Top

Bedford, Dick - AAF AT6, P40, 47, PT13, 17, BT13, 8th Air Force, 353 Training Group, 350 Fighter Squadron P47, 65 missions. Shot down 6/12/44 west of Paris, evaded for 2 months, captured in Paris. Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Stalag Luft III, Stalag 13, Slag 7. Liberated 4/1945 1st Lieutenant

Borden, Douglas G - Navy N2S, SNV, OS2U on floats, JRB, SBD, TMB, TV2, F2H, FJ2, S2F, SNJ, AD, AF, N3N, Helo’s, J3. 1942 enlisted as Navy Cadet. CPTP (primary) at Meadville, PA, 35 hours J3, then interim CPTP, 25 hrs in J-3 at Richmond VA. Iowa Navy Preflight. Primary flight – NAS, MPLS. N2S Stearman’s for Basic at Pensacola, and SNJ; Advanced in seaplanes, NAS Pensacola, in N3N and OS2U‘S on floats. Included catapult training and anti-sub duty over the Gulf. Primary Flight Instructor School, New Orleans, 100 hours in N2S Stearmans, included night flight and acrobatics. Designated Naval Aviator 1/1944. Commissioned Ensign 12/43. Primary Flight Instructor at NAS MPLS & NAS Bunker Hill, IN (Royal Navy trainees). 7/1945 to Pensacola for carrier refresher in SNJ, JRB, SBD. Active duty until 12/45. Active Navy Reserves until 1965. Flew SNJ and SNB‘s at Knoxville, TN, Atlanta, Rochester, NY and NAS Niagara Falls. Operations in TMB, later AF, VF852 in TV2, F2H, FJ2. 6/1958 last flight duty. Navy Reserve duty Research, Surface Division, Censorship Unit etc. Training duty on USS Wasp CVS18, USS Valley Forge CVS45 and USS Intrepid CVS11 in Atlantic, Gulf and West Indies. S2F, ADs, Helo’s, etc. 1981 retired as Lt Commander. Active in TROA and MOAA. 1942-81.

Brennan, Bob - Navy SNJ, F4U4, HUP2 Helicopter. USS Leyte Korea 9/1950-2/51, Caribbean 7/51, Mediterranean 9/51-12/51. Navy Reserve, Willow Grove, Buffalo, Grosse Isle. 7/1948-5/52. Navy Reserve 1952-70. Commander

Brice, Bill - Private Pilot Piper J3, Cruiser, PA28, Cessna 120, 170, 172, 177, 182, Stinson, Taylorcraft, Luscombe, Aerocoupe, De Havilland Beaver, Turbine Beaver, Otter, Grumman Cheetah, Tiger. On floats, J3, Taylorcraft, Cessna 172. On skies, Taylorcraft, Turbine Beaver. License number 143837. Worked on “Manhattan Project” (atomic bomb), for Kodak in Tennessee.

Brockman, Roy E - AAF Pilot AT10, PT19, 23. BT13A, B17E&F. 8th Air Force Europe, 1st Lieutenant

Caldwell, John - AF Pilot PA18, T28, 33A, F84E&F, C45H, L13. Soloed 4/17/1956. Flight school primary, Servair Corp, Kinston, NC, basic Webb AFB, TX. Graduating class 57K 4/12/57. Ohio Air National Guard, 166 Fighter Squadron, 121 Fighter Wing, Lock Borne AFB, OH. 2/26/1956-4/12/57 (ADUTRA) AF. 6/6/1955-6/1/60 Ohio Air National Guard. Captain

Private Pilot Cessna 140, 140A, 150, 170 on floats, PA18, PA25 Pawnee, J3 on floats, Grumman American AA5, Cheetah, DH82 Tiger Moth, Citabria. Gliders, Schweizer SGU 222E and 222A, SGS 126E, 223, 123G, 134, 135 and X39, Schleicher KA6E and CR, KA7, KA8, ASW21, Centrair Pegusus, Blanik, Grob 102 & 103, Russia AC4. Solo 2/5/1950. Flight School, Lane Aviation, Columbus, OH. Finger Lakes Soaring Club, Dansviile, NY.

Caplan, David “Scotty -” Private Pilot Taylor Cub, Piper PA28 Arrow, Colt, Pacer, Cherokee, Aeronca, Fairchild 22.

Chase, Wiliam - AAF Pilot P47, AT6, BT14, PT19. 348th Fighter Group, 340 Fighter Squadron. Battle for New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago. 180 missions, awarded DFC and 3 Air Medals. 7/1941-10/45 Captain

Chilebowski, Edward - AAF Gunner B24, 25, 26, 17. Chief Gunner B25. Armament Instructor B17, 24. 11th Air Force, 406 Bomb Squadron. 5/8/1941-10/45.

Clemow, Joe - AAF Pilot PT22, 38, AT6A, P38, 51, 61, B24, 25, 26, 17, A20, 26, 28, AT9, 11, C47, BT13 and 13A, etc, J3. 8th Air Force Europe, Ferried all types of aircraft used in the European theater operation. Piloting Bombardier Cadets, Victorviile, CA. 1942 Beech A11 1000 hours. 1945 Personnel pilot for Gen Spaatz for 4 months. 10/14/1941-10/14/45. Captain

Chief Pilot Eastman Kodak 1945-1975.

Cole, David E - AAF Pilot B17, 24. Aviation Cadet twin engine C1, 44F, B17 34 Bomb Group, 391 Bomb Squadron, 8th Air Force England. Joined Army Air Reserve 12/1942-45 Captain

Cooper, Sam Jr - Navy Reserve Pilot PBY, PB4Y2, PB4Y. Patrol plane commander. 1942-70 Lt Commander.

Crandal, Ray - Private Pilot Beech C23 Sundowner, Cessna 172, 182, 185 on EDO floats, G1000, Lake 200, Piper PA28, 140, 151, 180, 181. Soloed 12/19/1981 at Hylan Field in a PA28-140. Flying hrs 1000+, presently working on C182 G1000 (Civil AIR Patrol). I’m a Mission Pilot, SAR, Counterdrug with CAP and hold a commercial license, SEL&S. Earned water rating in 1995 with Bill Law Aviation in a Cessna 185 on EDO floats. Many hours in Lake 200. Took private ride with Bill Law 5/9/82. We discovered that we both had been at Biggs Field, Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX at the same time. I was taking Vietnamese in an Army DCI school. Bill was an Artillery Specialist aid was taking private lessons in a Cessna 150. His hanger was directly adjacent to my classroom. Army 5/17/19701/26/72. Army Translator/Interrogation, Vietnamese Saigon dialect.

DeMallie, Howard R - AAF Pilot PT17, l3A, BTl3, AT10, B17, 12/6/44 B17, 8th Air Force, 447 Bomb Group, 708 Bomb Squadron. Flak over Merseburg, Germany badly damaged #4 engine, flak took out #2 engine oil leak on 3rd engine (at 8000ft) when 3rd engine quit, were in a fast glide down, managed to make it to Holland. Crew bailed out at 4000ft Evaded capture with help from the Dutch Underground. 12/13/1944 I and the underground leader were captured by the German SS. Imprisonment for many unpleasant days. Ended up POW in Stalag Luft #1 for the rest of the German war. 2ndLieutenant when shot down, promoted to 1st Lieutenant. Member of the AF Escape and Evasion Society (AFEEA), its purpose to remember “Helpers” that put their lives on the line to assist grounded AF men evade capture. Published a book titled “Beyond the Dikes” to remember my Dutch helpers. 1st Lieutenant

Deprez, Robert F - Navy Pilot SNJ, SNB, PR4, P5M. Carrier qualified in SNJ. VP 49 Squadron pilot patrol and assistant maintenance officer 195457. Lieutenant

Dobson, John - Private Pilot Aeronca Champ, Aerocoupe, Citabria, Cessna 172, Cherokee 140, 160, 180, Piper J3, Colt, PA18, Cruiser, Tripacer, Stinson, Waco UPF7. Army 1952-54. Williamson Flying Club president.

Doe, Norman H - Army Pilot, BT13, AT10, B17, B25D, G, J, B26, PT13A, 17, O1A, U6, OH23, 12, UH1A UH34 Choctan, Huey. 12th Air Force Mediterranean, Artillery Battalion Co, Armor Battalion. 1945-75 Major

Private Pilot Taylorcraft, Cessna, Hiller, Beaver, De Havilland, Sikorsky, Piper Comanche. Aviation BN Co. Instructor Pilot.

Dublin, Robert - Navy Pilot DC3, DC4, F4F, F4U, TBF, SBD, SB2U, 5BC, B25V, PBY, R50, JRF, R4D, R5D. Pacific Fighter and Transport. Lieutenant.

Dunn, George R - Private Pilot Piper sea plane and others - solo 1977.

Eckert, Arnold - Private Pilot Piper J3, Stinson Voyager, Fairchild PT19, soloed 1946, 1st Lieutenant.

Engstrom, Harry - Flight Radio Officer DC3, DC4, DC6, Consolidated, Comovore, Connie, S40, S42, S43. Pam American DC3, DC4, DC6, Trans World DC4, DC6. 1942-50.

Private Pilot Piper Colt, J37AC, Grumman Tiger. Army 1950’s

F-J    Top

Faust, Paul Jr - AAF Pilot B17, B17G, Pt9, BT13, AT6, 9, 10, 17. Pilot of B17 “Bufagator” 8th Air Force Europe, West Coast Training Command. 1/6/1943-12/5/43 Nashville, TN, Classification. Santa Ana, CA flight training. Preflight Blythe, CA. Primary PT19, Minter Field, CA. Basic BT13 Yuma, AZ. Advanced AT17. Class43K. B17 transition Hobbs AB, NM. Crew training Delhart, TX and Drew Field, FL. Crew pick up Salt Lake City, UT. Flew new B17G from Langley Field, VA to Dow Field, Banger, ME to Goose Bay, Labrador, to Reykjavik, Iceland, to Wales. 452 Bomb Group, 782 Bomb Squadron Deophan Green, England. 35 missions 9/1944-2/28/45. Return to US on Queen Mary. Assigned to Lockborn AB, Columbus, OH for instrument training. Instrument certified Lubbock AB, TX on AT6, 9, 10, then to Boca Raton AB, FL. 12/1945, discharged Rome AB, NY. 1 /6/1943-45 1stLieutenant

Felsted, D Ronald - Private Pilot Piper J3 Cub, PA28-40, PA22-50 Cessna 172, private instrument. Air Force.

Ferris, Robert J - Marine Pilot NR1, SNJ, SNV, TBF, TBM, F6F, F4U, F4U4, F9F, FG1D, Stearman. South Pacific. 10/42-11/53. Major

Finkle, John - AAF Pilot B26, PT19, BT13, UC78. 9AF Europe, 344 Bomb Group, 494 Bomb Squadron, flew B26 for 32 missions over Germany, Battle of the Bulge, Rhineland and Central Germany. Assigned to the “USAF Exhibition” in Paris after WWII (demonstrated the B26 at the Eiffel Tower). 11/1942-12/45. 1st Lieutenant

Fisher, Donald C - AAF Pilot P51, PT19. Solo 10/1943 in a PT19, Class 44D. Stationed at Honington w/ 8th Air Force, 364 Fighter Group, 383 Fighter Squadron from 7/1944-12/45. Had credit for 3 planes shot down and may have shot down the last German plane of WWII 4/27/45. DFC and Air Medal w/4 Clusters, active 2/1943-12/45. AF Reserve 12/1945-12/66. Lt Colonel

Flowers, John A - Navy Pilot TBM, AD, P2V, PB4Y, PBY. Bon Hon Richard, Korean Tarawa CV 1951-53. Commander

Fribance John Sr - Private Pilot Aeronca 7AC, Porterfield, Cessna 150, Piper PA15, PA28-140, PA28-180

Gilman, John S - Navy Pilot N2S, N3N, F4F, F6F, SNV, SNJ, F6F5, night fighter Hellcat F8F. Pacific Lieutenant

Golding, William H Jr - Marines F4U aircraft armorer, VMF21 MAGII 4th Man. 1943-1946 SSergeant

Greer, George H - AAF Pilot PT22, BT13, AT6, 17, B17, 29, J3. Flight training primary Visalia, CA, basic Chico, CA. advanced Douglas, AZ. Class 44F, B17 transport, Hobbs, NM. Combat crew Biggs Field, TX, B29 transition Roswell, NM. Combat service 8th Air Force, 457 Bomb Group, 748 Bomb Squadron, 31 combat missions. Captain

Hall, George - AT11, Aerocoupe, Cessna 172, Citabria, Piper Colt, Cherokee 140, 160, 180, Tripacer, WACO UPF7. President of Williamson Flying Club and mechanic. AF mechanic 1950.

Hayes, Ralph S - AAF Pilot B13, 17, 18, 24), A29, L4B, LB30, AT6, 7, 8, PT13, 17), BT15, C78, Curtiss 02Cl. B17 pilot, special open cockpit B17 modified to accommodate two 16,000 pound depth charges (10 feet by 3 foot diameter), 8th Air Force Europe, 200 hours combat, UK. Colonel

Hasman. Norman J - AAF Tail Gunner B24, Carrier Gunner 1944-45.

Heard, Warren T - Navy Pilot F4U, SBD, SNJ, SNV, NES4, Taylorcub, 11/15/1942-6/1/46. Lt JG

Heier Fred - AAF Armament Officer P40, 47, 51. Served with the 15th AF 325 Fighter Group in North Africa and Italy. 9/1943-8/45. 1st Lieutenant

Holtz Barry - Private Pilot Piper Arrow, Seneca, Grumman, Widgeon G44, Cessna Skylark (on Straight floats). 5/1979 to present.

Johnson, Robert M - Marine Pilot AD, F9F6P, F2H2P, SNJ, SNV, SNB, PBJ, FWEEP, Stearman, J3 South Pacific, 1/1943-7/1946, 1st Lieutenant

K-O    Top

Kenning, Charles B - AAF/AF Pilot B24H and J, BT13A, AT9, PT23, J3. Flight school Helena Aero Tech, Helena, AR. Basic Walnut Ridge, AR. Twin engine training soloed 10/1943, after 9 hours in a PT23, Class 44D, Blytheviile, AR. B24 8th Air Force, 445 Bomb Group, 703 Bomb Squadron, 24 missions. Shot down at Medgeberg, Germany. Eng #2 and #3 hit, #4 on fire, sever hit in bomb bay, fuel drenched cockpit, bail out, land on rail of tracks, multi-fracture to right ankle, saved by German soldiers from being lynched by Civilians. 12/1942-2/22/84, Lt Col.

Kinyon, Charles - AAF Pilot PT19, BT13, AT6, P40, 51, Spitfire Mark V. Cadet Texas, PT19, BT13, AT6. Fighter training Fl FL, P40. Tactical Recon pilot training Ms, P51. Combat, England and France 9th Air Force (Spitfire Mark V & P51). Low level and photo recon & artillery adjustment. 94 missions. Photo missions of invasion coast and buzz bomb sites. Support for Normandy Campaign and Patton’s sweep across France. Instructor 1945 advanced training AL, AT6. Awarded DFC for adjusting artillery fire on German railroad guns harassing our troops near Metz. Air Medal, 18 OLC, PUC. 5/l942-6/45. 1st Lieutenant

Kiseleski, Joe - AAF Pilot B25, 24, PT17, BT13, AT10, Pacific Area, 1/1943-7/46 1st Lieutenant

Lapinski, Henry - AAF Pilot B17E, F, G & H, PT17, BT13,15, L19, 20, AT9,10, UC78, H13, 21, Cessna 150 and 172. 8th AF Europe, 92 Bomb Group, 325 Bomb Squadron. 32 missions over E.O.T. Transferred to Army Reserves received Senior Pilot Wings. Helicopter school Ft Walters, TX, instrument school Ft Baker, maintenance officer school Ft Eusted, VA. Aviation Officer 98th Division Training, member of DUO Commanders Staff. 10/1942-12/45. Retired Army Reserves 1969, Major

Leavitt, G Robert - AF/AF Reserves Weather Observer B24, 25, C45, 46, 47. 10th Weather Squadron School. Meteorology at University of Chicago 1943-44. Predicted weather for 10 missions, China, Burma, and India (CBI) from Sookerating to Myitkiwa, Lashiv, Yvnbnnyi, Kumina, Padshan, Lvliang. Various turn around’s and violent weather over Hump between India and China 1942-46. AF Reserves 1946-56. 1st Lieutenant

Lee, William B - AAF Pilot PT19, BT13, AT6, 9, B17, P47, 51 ,63, Nordine, Norseman. Tactical Reconnaissance 8th AF Europe, AT6 93 missions. Instructor pilot 1st Lieutenant

Lennox, Tom - Navy Reserve Pilot WV2, 19558 1958, Lieutenant

Levy, Norman - AAF/AF Radar/Navigator/Bombardier B17, 15th Air Force, 5 Bomb Wing, 301 Bomb Group, 352 Bomb Squadron (Smuggler), 31 missions. DFC 5/23/43-10/45, recalled 6/51, discharged 6/52. Retired from, AF Reserves 1985. Lt Colonel

Luke, Lloyd - Royal Canadian AF Flight Officer. AT6, Harvard, Cessna Crane, DH82 Tiger Moth, Anson MK2, Cornell.

Private Pilot J3, PA32-300, Cherokee 140,180, Cessna 150, 172, 182, Aeronca 7AC, Mooney M2OG, Comanche 250, Citabria 7EAC, Taylorcraft, T34

Mack, Walter - Navy Electrician Served as electrician on Sub Tender USS Apollo A25 in South Pacific. We were a class C tender (class A, B, C). Sank more ships than A and B did together. Also picked up many Airmen after they went down. One of our subs picked up George Bush after he bailed out of his fighter.

Private Pilot Stinson, Cessna 172, 182, Aerocoupe, L19.

Mahan, Michael E -. Private & Commercial Pilot Beech 18, Baron 55 and58, Bonanza 33 and 36, King Air 90A, C,  F, and 200, Belanca Super Viking, Cessna 150, 172, 180, 210, 310, 114, 421, Citabria, Fairchild, PT26, Globe Swift, Grumman American AA1, AA5 Traveler, AA5B Tiger, Traveler N5802L, GA7 Cougar, Mooney M20, M252, Navion Rangemaster, Piper 140, 150, 180, PA12, PA22 Colt, PA23-250 Aztec, PA 24-180 and 260 Comanche, PA28-235 and 260, PA28R300, PA30 Twin Comanche, PA31 Navajo, Swearingen SA226T Merlin, SA227 Metroliner IV, T34 Mentor. Soloed 3/15/1967 in a PA22 at Hylan Field. Rating Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Instructor single and multi engine aircraft, with instrument rating. Ground instructor advanced and instrument. Type rating Swearingen SA227 IV. Flying time 13,000 hours.

Martin, Walter G - AAF Mechanic B24, 25, A20, C47. 336 Service Squadron, Pacific 2 years. Major repair aircraft power plant. 1942-46.

McDill, Donald J - Navy Photo Operator and Gunner. PB4Y1, SNJ, PV2, OS2U, B10. Pacific Theater, Fleet Air Photo Squadron, VD1, leading photographer in crew plus gunner. Mapped Japan for invasion from Iwo to Okinawa. Four Air Medals. 11/10/1943-5/28/46.

McGarry, William - AAF Pilot PT17, BT13, P40, 51D and H, 47, 47D, C45F, R5D, R5E, R6A. 8th Air Force Europe. 1943-48. 1st Lieutenant

McGinn, Fredrick - AAF Pilot C47. DouglasTinker Field, OK.

Private and Commercial Pilot DC3, 4, 7, 10, Lockheed Electra 188, CV240, 340, 440, British Aircraft 111, B707, 720, 727, J3, Waco, Stinson, Luscombe’s, Fairchild 24. American Airlines 34 years.

Miller, Austin L “Trip” - Marine Pilot T28, T34, TM13, CH46, UH34 Helicopter pilot 6/1967-11/72 Captain

Commercial Pilot Beech 76 Dutchess 1981.

Moran, Harry J - AAF/AF Mechanic B29 12/29/1943-3/31/46 then to AF Reserves.

Private and Commercial Pilot Piper High wing, J’s, L4, Aeronca Champ, Defender, Stinson 105 & 108, Taylorcraft, Cessna 120, 140, 180, Citabria PT17, 19.

Naum, Robert E - AAF Pilot B17 Solo 1944 in a Stearman, Class 1944. With 384th, based at Grafton Underwood, England. 28 missions European Theater 1945. AF Reserves short time. 1943-1945 1st Lieutenant

Private Pilot Piper 140, Arrow, Cessna 172.

Nesbitt, Calvin “Pete” - Navy Pilot S2F, SNJ, SNB, FJ2, T34. VS38 Squadron, West Pacific Cruise 1957. USS Prinston, 100 Carrier landings in a S2F, 29 at night. 1,000 hours S2F. 1954-58. Naval Reserves until 1963. Lt Jg.

Private Pilot Cessna 150 and 216.

Newmark, Bernard “Bernie” - AAP Pilot PT17, BT13 AT6, B24, L5. 8 2W Europe. Major

Nicholes, Stewart - Marine Flight Engineer/Crew Chief R4D. Basic, Paris Island. Metal smith Navy Pier, Chicago. Flight engineer R4D’s Miriama, CA. Flew in VMJ152 on R4D’s, transporting stretcher patients from Guadalcanal to Espirito Santos (nearest friendly hospital). Also moved money, arms, people, ammo, etc. 7/1943: 1942 transferred to fighter or bomb group. Assigned to F4U1 Squadron, Crew Chief of three aircraft w/one mechanic. 1943 Christmas Eve returned to San Diego. Aircraft engine overhaul 1.5 years until discharged. 9/6/1941-9/25/45. TSergeant

Noon, Cyril “Cy” - AAF Test Pilot B26, 25D, 17E, 17F, 29J, 24, 40, 18, 18C, 41, A24B, 20C, 20G, A31, 25, 35, AT6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24). D49, 57, 58, 62, P47, 51, 39, 40N, 63, P70, L1, 2, 3, 4, 6, LB30, C43, 45, 47, 48, 49, 49G, 50, 51, 52, 53, 64, 78, 107, 108, 109, BT13, 15, 16, BC1, F2, 3, 7, 9, 10, PT19, 26, DB7, LB30, SJ4, SUV1, PBJ5, SB2C, PG2, SAB4U. May 1945, meeting with Orville Wright while stationed at Wright Field, assigned to the Dynamics Branch of the aircraft lab, as test pilot and engineering officer. Picked up Orville Wright in a staff car, to attend a ceremony at the field. Orville had lived in my home town of Cedar Rapids, IA for 3 years, had some brochures on the city. Called Orville and asked if he would like to have them. A positive response resulted in a 2pm date a few days hence from 2-6pm Discussions included Cedar Rapids, his flying experiences 12/17/1903, building a wind tunnel, and other flight related subjects. Finally left about 6 pm “thrilled to the core” by having had the opportunity to talk for so long with the world’s first pilot. Captain

Private Pilot Cessna 172, Baron 55 etc.

Norman, Alfred J - AAF Pilot PT23, BT13, ATl0, B17E & G, AT6, J3. 1st Lieutenant

Private Pilot Aeronca, Twin Beech.

Notebert, Richard J - AAF/AF Reserve Pilot PT17, BT13, AT6, C56, DC3, B17, J3, Cessna twin engine, Aeronca, Twin Beech, Grumman I & II. B17, 50 missions, Africa and 8th Air Force Europe. Captain

Osadnick, Jerry A - AAF Pilot P38 ,47, 51, B17, 24, 25, DB7, C47, 54, A20, 26, AT6, AT9, 10, 11. BT13, PT13, PBY, T33, Helio Courier, British Miles Master, Cessna Station Wagon, Star Duster, (2) experimental, Aeronca, J3, NA50, L3. Army, J3, NA50. Graduate Pilot School 4/1943. B17 combat crew, 390 Bomb Group, Framlingham, England. Completed 29 missions by 5/8/1944, awarded Air Meal with 4 OLC and DFC with 1 OLC. Then assigned to 27 Air Transport Group, 31 Ferry Squadron, Langford Lodge, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ferried modified combat aircraft to bases in England. Shortly before D Day, assigned five B17 modified as cargo planes. Followed invasion forces, and delivered supplies to forward positions, returned with, wounded prisoners, and other war personnel. Return to States 11/1944. Active duty until 1/1945 joined AF Reserves O’Hare Field Chicago. Resigned 1952 Captain

P-T    Top

Pankratz, Elmer - AAF Pilot P40N, P51B, C and D, PT17,19, BT13,15, A24, AT6, L4, 5, UC78. 9th Air Force, 363 Tactical Reconnaissance Group, 160 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron. 11/1942-10/45. Major

Pickens, Jim - AAF Crew Chief/Flight Engineer B24, C47. AM School Kessler, MS. Specialist school, Wright Engine Plant, Patterson, NJ. To Cheery Point, NC. States, B24 Flight Engineer, 319 Troop Carrier Troop ship to Calcutta, India (by way of Australia). Leave 6/7/1945, arrive 8/1/45. India C47 Flight Engineer/Crew Chief, sometimes CoPilot. States, leave 2/11/46, arrive 3/9/46. 4/6/1942-3/17/1946. TSergeant

Providence, Paul J - AF Pilot P40, 51, PT19, BT13, AT6. 2nd Lieutenant

Purdy, Walter - AAF/AF Pilot B17, 25, PT17, BT13, AT10, A9, T33, C47,119, F80, 84, L4, UC78, J3, Taylorcraft on EDO floats. Flight school primary, Union City, In. Basic, Walnut Ridge, AZ. Advanced training, Blytheviile, AR. Flight Class 43K. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, 12/5/1943. Central Instructor School, San Antonio, TX 1/1945. Instructor B17, Hobbs, NM, and B25 at Douglas AFB, AZ. 8th Air Force, 447 Bomb Group, 33 missions. Awarded DFC. 7370 FltSucSq Korean War, five air medals. 1942-45. Reenter 1950. Retired 1972 Lt Colonel

Redfield, Alva - Navy Pilot AD2, FJ2, F2H, PB4Y2, XBT2D (experimental AD2), PB1W, SNB, F6F, AD4W, P2V2, AD, R4D6, T4, FM2, SNJ, SNV, N3N, J3. Pacific, carrier qualified. Navy Reserves 7/10/1942-6/30/67. Lt Commander

Reed, Art - Navy Pilot! R4D, SNB, SNJ, Aeronca, J3, Stearman. LtJg

Richards, Martin A - AAF/AF/AF Reserve B17, 25, T6, T11. Air and technical training 1942-43. 388 Air Squadron, 8th Fighter Group 1943-45 South West Pacific Theater. AF Reserves 1946-55 active and inactive. MDAP 1955-57 Germany. SAC 1958-60 USA and Iceland. Recruiting 1960-64. ATC 1964-66. HQ PACAF 1966-68 Hickam AFB. Greatfalls, MT, Al-Can Highway patrol to Anchorage, AK and return 10+ trips. Natzeb, New Guinea, to Table Lands, Australia and return 2+ trips. Metals awarded CSC, PH, CMDL, PUC - US & Philippine Islands. 2/1942-7/78. TSergeant

Aeronca Champ, Chief, Sedan, Scout, Aerocoupe, Tri Traveler. Varga, Ll ,4, 6,
L16, PT17, 19, 26, T6, Piper PA11, 140, 195, 260, Cessna 150, 152, 172, 182, Beech 18, 35, C45. Soloed 4/l946

Ritter, Robert G - AAF/AF Reserve Pilot B17, BT13, AT10, Stearman. 8th Air Force, 306 Bomb Group, 369 Bomb Squadron. Flight school primary, Avon Park, FL. Basic, Cohran Field, Macon, GA. Advanced, Moody Field, Valadosta, FL. Class 44B. B17 Transport, Chanute Field, IL. 8th Air Force England 8/1944-10/44. On 12th mission shot down by antiaircraft over Cologne, Germany on 10/15/1944. Spent 7 months as POW in Germany, until VE Day. Awarded Air Medal. 12/1943-6/46. AF Reserve 1946-52. 2nd Lieutenant

Rogers, Clarence A - AAF/AF Reserve Pilot P40, T6, L3, 4, BT15, PT19. Class 45A, Craig Field, Salam, AR, 13 Schools S.E. Training Comnand. Active 19449. AF Reserve 19496. Major

Rolfson, Sven Jr - Navy Pilot F6F3, F6F5. Fighter pilot on carriers Lexinqton and Randolph 1942-48. Lt Commander

Roth, Charles - AAF Pilot B17, PT17, BT13, AT10, L5. 15th Air Force 97 Bomb Group, 414 Bomb Squadron. 1945 wounded. Awarded Purple Heart, Air Medal with OLC 1942-45. 1st Lieutenant

Roxin, Paul I - AAF Instructor Pilot F2, Taylor Cub, Fleet, Waco F, Stinson, Fairchild, Taylorcraft, J2.

Schantz, John J Sr - AF/NY ANG Pilot T33, 34, 37, F100D, F and C, J3. Vietnam, Class 61C. Bases Laredo, TX, Luke AFB, Nellis AFB, RAF Weatherfield, Niagara Falls, Tuy Haa RVN. 1961-64 flew for 20th Fighter Wing 1961-64. 107 Fighter Group, 31 Tactical Fighter Wing. 1968-69 Vietnam, 264 combat missions, F100 including 45 up North. Awarded two DFC, 13 Air Medals. AF 1959-64. NYANG 1965-68, AF 1968-69. NYANG 1969-71 Major

Schwartz, Peter D - Private Pilot (earned license while in Navy). Piper J3, PA28 Arrow, Stinson, Grumman Tiger. Navy V12 Officers Training Program. 1944-46 Lieutenant

Seymore, Edgar D - Private Pilot Gliders, Piper’s, Cessna’s, flight instructor.

Slocomb, Robert I - Private Pilot AT6, Raven, Piper J3, Super Cub, PA28, PA32R, Cessna 140, 170, 180, 205, Beech Bonanza K, J, and S, U35, Stinson.

Smart Jerry - AF Flight Engineer B29A and B, KB29. 11/1950-7/51, Sheppard AFB, TX, Basic training, A & E School, B29 Specialist School. 7/1951-2/52, Chanute AFB, Il Flight Engineer School (experimental program). 2/1952-11/52, Randolph AFB B29 combat flight training, plus 4 months on flight line as mechanic. 11/1952-8/53, March AFB, CA, B29 Flight Engineer, 320 Bomb Group, 441 Bomb Squadron. Flew with 12 different pilots in eight B29’s. 8/1953-2/54, worked on keeping radio facility charts up to date for all B47 in my Squadron. While at March AFB, 1/12, two engines out #2 then #3. 1/26, flew through storm (rather than ditch in ocean). 2/5, explosion on takeoff roll, #3 on fire. 2/14, run away prop #3 eng, on test flight, fire #3 at 10,000 ft. At climb out (12,000 ft) RPM dropped off on all four engines (flipping switches on fast glide down, noticed nose gear switch in up position, told pilot to move switch to neutral, all ok. 2/1954-11/9/54 Great Falls AFB, MT, 407 Fighter Group. 407 Refueling Squadron. Flight engineer on KB29 (Boom Tanker), also worked on line as mechanic. 11/10/19501/9/54 Sergeant

Soule, Gardner N Jr - Private and Commercial Pilot, Piper PA31, 28-140), Beech King Air, Twin Baron, LearJet 55, 35, 36. Chief Flight Instructor.

Sovocool, Wilbert J - B 25, 17, 29, 36, C45, 47, 54 119, 130. Instructor pilot C54. 1/1950-78. Major

Spalty, Irving G - Navy Pilot F4F, F6F, SNJ, N2S. Kamikaze Interceptor Squadron VF32. Aboard USS Cabot, CLV28. Flew fleet cover 24/7, also various strikes. Flew “show of strength” over major cities of China and Korea. 2/2/1943-12/19/45. Ensign

Spiers, Paul - AAF Pilot B17, PT23, BT13, AT10, C47. 8th Air Force Europe. 7/17/1942, enlisted in Army Reserves. 1/13/43 called into active duty. Pilot training class 43J, 11/3/43 pilot wings. Combat training B17 Copilot Dahart, TX. 3/1/44, Flew new B17, Kearney, NB to Scotland. 1944, 384 Bomb Group, 545 Bomb Squadron, England, Grafton under Wood Station 106. Flew 32 missions over Germany as copilot of a B17G (Squawkin Chicken) by 7/21/1944. First mission, Schweinfurt (B17’s lost 9 of 19), only crew from the 545 Bomb Squadron to return. Fourth mission, Obferpfaffenhofen (B17’s lost 7 of 18). Under fire almost two hours, over 200 holes from machine gun fire and flack. 7/25/44, States R&R, Atlantic City. Avon Pk, FL, B17 Instructor pilot trained 14 crews. Appointed member of the base Standardization Board. Discharged at Fort Dix, Flight Commander. 7/17/1942-5/29/45. 1st Lieutenant

Stephens, Clyde R - Navy Pilot PV1, PV2, SNB, SNJ, S2F, T34. Cuba Missile Crisis. 1956-62. Lieutenant.

Private Pilot J3, Taylorcraft.

Storey, Colin - AAF/AF Pilot PT17, AT11, BT3, B17, 24. 8th Air Force, 94 Bomb Squadron. 1942-45. 1952-72. Lt Colonel

Suter, Martin L - Navy/Navy Reserve Pilot TBF1, FM1, FM2, F6F, F6F5, F4U4, F8F2, FG1D, TBM43, OS2U3, PB2Y, PB4Y2, PV2, SB66, HUP2, HRS3, HSS1, H13H, HO4S, SH34G & J, HTL2 & 5, SNB, SNJ6, SNV, NE1, N2S, GB2, JRB4, JM1, J3. Pacific Theater WWII. Korean Aircraft Carrier and helicopter pilot. 1942-46. 1952 Navy Reserve. Commander.

Sweeting, Walter J - Navy Pilot TBM, F6, F6F, SNV, N3N, SNJ, J3. Pacific & Atlantic Theaters, Carrier
 based (night attack). 1/1943-1/46. LtJg.

Tenhaken, Richard - Private pilot AT6, Beech E33 Bonanza, Citabria, Cessna 152, 172 Skyhawk, 177 177 Cardinal, 177RG, 182 Skylane, 182RG, 206 Super Skywagon, 337 Super Skymaster, Piper PA28-140 and 180 Archer, PA32R300 Cherokee Lance, Lance RG six seats.

Thieme, E Art - Beech Musketeer, Aeronca 7DC, Piper Warrior, Archer 2, Cessna 150, 152, 172, Lake LA4-200, Gliders Schweitzer SCS 2-23 1-26, Mini Max Homebuilt. Navy

Thomsen, Robert P - AAF Pilot ATl0, BT3, PT19, B17, F and G, 29.

Trimble, Arther P - AAF Navigator B17 8th Air Force Europe, flew out of Thurleigh, near Bedford (north of London). 306 Bomb Group, 367 Bomb Squadron (the Clay Pigeon Squadron), our mark was Triangle H (motto “First Over Germany”). Member of Martin’s B17 crew. On the seventh and last mission was wounded over Peenemude (on the Baltic Sea), Flight Engineer was lost. Rest of crew completed their 35 missions. After 35 years (early 1980’s), reunion with crew in Washington DC, all men and wives present. Jan 2005 two other from crew living, radio operator Frank Whitney & waist gunner George Buchnann. Soloed in Taylorcraft end of WWII, no private license. 1st Lieutenant.

Tucker, Richard L - AF/AF Reserve Pilot T37, 38A, B47E, RB47H, C119, U3, 6, Cessna 310. Vietnam pilot 350 Training Squadron, Lubbock, TX.  343 Bomb Squadron, B47E copilot, Lincoln, NB. 343 Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, RB47H Topeka, KS & Omaha, NE. 11/1962-3/68. AF active Captain, AF Reserve Major.

Turner,Dwight - AAF/AF Pilot C45, 119, 123, P51, PT13,13A, B25, BT13,13A, AT6A, Stearman, A20, 26, T28, L5, SNV. 1940, Mechanic school, Chanute Field, IL. 1942, Flight school, Stockton Field, CA. 10/1942 to 4/1943, combat crew training, Will Rogers, Field, OK. 6/1943-6/44, New Guinea & Australia, 5th Air Force, Pacific, 3 Bomb Group, 8 Bomb Squadron. 62 combat missions, A20 and B25. 8/1944-4/46, Lawson Field, GA, 3 Composite Squadron. 5/1946 to 11/46, Brooks Field, TX, l62 Reconnaissance Squadron. 1/1947-6/49, Yokota AFB, Tokyo (occupied forces), A26, 3 Bomb Group, 8 Bomb Squadron. 8/1949-4/54, Administrative flying, Kessler AFB, MS, Lowery AFB, CO, Tyndall AFB, FL. Flying training AF HQ, Waco, TX. 4/1954-12/59, administrative flying in support of 509 Bomb Wing and 6 Bomb Wing, SAC, Walker AFB, NM. Administrative duty Electronic Maintenance Supervisor. Military flying hours 4,396 hours in B25, Transport Division Commander, B/Gen Glen Martin, from Walker AFB, NM to Washington. Awarded DFC, for destruction of one enemy aircraft, combat mission #5, 7/ 28/1943. Air Medal for action against enemy shipping, combat mission #15, 9/27/43. OLC to Air Medal for sustained missions 7/2/1943 to 12/8/43. Second OLC to Air Medal for sustained missions 12/8/1943 to 5/17/44. 5/17/1944. 1939-1959. Major

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Valley, Russell H - Navy Pilot PBY, N2S, TBM, SNV, SNJ, SNB, PT13, C45, T28, R4D, F4U, J3. Dutch Harbor, AK. 8/1943-1/1954. Lieutenant

Van Derhoof, Jon W - AF/NY Army National Guard Reserves. Navigator T29, B57, RB57. College, then Navigator Wings. Air Force 1960-68, duty in Greenland as Adjutant 332 Fighter Interceptor Squadron. HQ 10 Air Force as Administrative Officer. The Pentagon as Assistant Executive Officer and HQ AF Systems Command as Inspector. 1971: applied and received an inter-service transfer to the NY Army Reserve National Guard. Gave up Commission as Capt for CW2. 1971-86 Army Reserve National Guard.  Retired Civilian Seneca Army Depot 2000.

Private Pilot. 37 years Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor - Citabrias, Aeronca Champs and Chiefs, J3 Cubs, Cub Coupe, Super Cruiser, Super Cubs, Cherokee’s, Cessna’s, C310’s, Beech Bonanza’s, Baron’s & Queen Air’s, Luscombe’s, Taylorcraft’s, Stinson’s, Stearman PT-13’s and PT-17’s, Fairchild PT-19 and 26, and Beech T-34’s,  Ag Cat’s, Pawnee’s, Aztec’s, Navaho’s, Seneca’s, Twin Comanche’s, Mooney MK20, 201&231, many Gliders, Liaisons:  L2, 3, 4,19, and 20,. B17 copilot 1990-92 “Fuddy Duddy” National Warplane Museum. 1954 at age 16, soloed in an Aeronca Champ, at Dansville, NY .Age 18, pilot license. 1973-77 operated Jon’s Flying Service, Dansville. Glider and Power Instructor for Dansville and Rochester Soaring Clubs and Schweizer Aircraft Corporation. PPL and Commercial Instructor for Hylan School of Aeronautics; Pilot for Mountain Air,  ASAP Aviation, and Matthews Bus Company. 1/15/2005, presented (by DOT and FAA) the Prestigious Wright Brothers “Master Pilots Award”. Cited for 50 years of safe flying operation. Over 4,500 hrs in more than 70 different types of aircraft ranging from a 1927 Fleet Sport to a B17.

Wade, Lloyd - Private Pilot Cessna 150, 152, 172. Soloed 9/12/1990 in a Cessna 150 at Rochester, NY. Have 900 hours with current medical. Own a 1966 Cessna 172G, based at Canandaigua (D38), NY

Weckesser, Joe - AAF Gunner B24. 8th Air Force Europe, Gunner on B24. 12/17/43-11/01/45.

Wellers, Charles A - AAF Pilot C46, 47, PT19, B18, BT14, 18, ATV (twin eng). Transport C47, operations C46, 5th Air Force, 67 Squadron, 433 Troop Carrier. Flew troop carrier and transport missions South Pacific (New Guinea, Philippines, Japan & Korea). Final base Tachikawa AB, Japan. Flew into Japan 1 day after armistice to bring out liberated American POW from Hakaibo. Post war, Development Engineer (3 yrs), Wright Patterson AB, aerial delivery and cargo handling systems. 11/1942-6/1946 1st Lieutenant

Williams, Ken - AAF/AF Pilot F86, 100, PT19, BT13, AT6A, P40, 47, 51, C45, 47, 54, T33, T6, J3, Waco. 8th Air Force Europe 3/1942-1/1963 Lt Colonel

Witmer, Charles R Jr - Army AF Pilot AT6A, T6, 28, 33, F80, 86, RF80, 86, B25, RB26, RB47, SMB. Pilot training class 1952E. Combat Photo Recon, 5th Air Force. 12/1944-9/1955. AF Reserve to 5/1961 1st Lieutenant.

Zaenglein, Eric W - AF Pilot B47, C45, 47, T28A, 33, 33A. Soloed 1955 in a T33A. 15th Air Force, 320 Bomb Wing, 443 Bomb Squadron, March AFB, CA. 10/1954-9/1957.

Zavada, Roland J - AAF 1945-1947, 1st Photo Recon, 20th Air Force, Okinawa, B-29, Corporal, USAF 1951-1952, Orlando AFB, 14th Air Force, Base Photo Officer, AF Reserves to 1963, 1stLT.

Soloed Piper J-3, March 1945, Commercial Pilot & CFII, L2, 3, 4, 17, 19; Cessna 120, 140, 150, 170, 172, 180-floats, 182, 182NavIII, 210; T-34, Globe Swift,
Porterfield, Aerocoupe, Aeronca Champ, Fairchild 24, Great Lakes, Grumman American AA5; Piper; PA11,12, 14, 17, 18, 20, 22, PA23-250 Aztec, PA 24- 260 Comanche, PA28-140, 150, 180, 235 and 260, PA30 Twin Comanche, PA38; Mooney M20; Beech 33 Debonair, 35 Bonanza, 23 Musketeer/Sundowner; Schweitzer 2-22, 1-23 Gliders.  Civil Air Patrol, 1961-present; Mission & Check Pilot; FAASTeam Lead Rep; Wright Brothers “Master Pilots Award” 2006.